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Hooshang Yashar

Hooshang’s interest in art started at an early age. “As far back as I remember, I was interested in drawing and painting.” At the age of 14, Hooshang studied with a master painter for a few months. The teacher insisted on the fundamentals of drawing, and values in black and white (charcoal and pencils), before introducing oil paints. This advice proved to be valuable throughout Hooshang’s Fine Arts career. He continued painting on his own, while studying the works of master artists. Hooshang attended Pasadena City College and San Jose State University, earning a degree in Industrial Design. Upon graduation, he was employed by the world renowned graphic designer, Saul Bass. While pursuing a career as a designer and illustrator, and raising a family, he continued painting. His medium is oil, and his subject matter ranges from landscapes to seascapes, and still life to wildlife. Throughout the years, Hooshang has entered many juried shows, and has exhibited his work in a variety of art galleries in California. The beautiful hills and coastlines of Northern and Southern California, meadows dotted with still remaining old barns and cabins are the source of inspiration for his art work. He enjoys reading about, and studying the works of classic and contemporary masters. “ The most important masters who have influenced me greatly are Rembrendt in the classical period, and contemporary artists like Richard Schmid, Howard Terping, Clyde Aspevic, and Bill Antone. Hooshang describes his painting style as realistic/painterly. His paintings have been collected by private sector, as well as corporations.


a representational art showcase

in oils and mixed media